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Word Hunt

Word Hunt is a puzzle game for the whole family. It features a game board with four rows and nine columns, and each column has a word that begins with the letters in the particular row. Your goal is to find all the words on the board using your mouse or iOS device, and there are hints to help you along the way. This game can be enjoyed by everyone in any country because it is entirely playable without text input. The game will provide an educational challenge for users of all ages. To play this game, go to

This amazing game is a fun and educational game, which helps children to learn new words. It is made in html5 and can be played on your mouse. Gameplay requires you to find the hidden words by clicking on the right letters and forming them into complete words with your mouse. The goal of the game is to collect as many points as good.

Word Hunt is an educational word game that can be played with one player or in a group. The object of the game is to find the letters of a word before anyone else does. Players are given clues on what letters are in a word and have to use their letter tiles to make words. This one is free, has no ads, and does not collect any personal information from its players.

how to play

Drag the left mouse button to highlight the words.