Smash Karts

World of Karts

Make more than one of your friends happy with the World of Karts! If you've always wanted to race karts online with your friends, but never had the chance, now's your time! The World of Karts has it all: io, WebGL, Game, Battle, Car, Racing, With Friends.

Create your own racing league, produce your own TV show, or race head to head against friends. Drag-racing to the death has never been so easy!

The endless Kart Racing sensation that's sweeping the world! Race against other players or learn to drift your way to victory in this multiplayer online game.

World of Karts is an online game where you can race against other players, create your own Kart & customize it, drift with friends, and collect Power-Ups to upgrade your cars. You can also enjoy multiplayer game play with friends, or race against AIs in single player mode.
Come on, let's start conquering the track at World of Karts right now!

how to play

Arrow keys for movement

Shift for drift

Z for using items