Smash Karts

Basket Random

If you’ve ever played any game like bowling, where you roll a ball, and you can control it with your fingers, this game is the same. The only difference is that here we are talking about a Basket Ball. In a Basket Ball, you have to keep the ball in the Basket at all times otherwise it will hit the net and go out of the court. There are two players in this game. One player is the Basket random player and the other is the game player. The game player is trying to keep the ball in the Basket and the Basket Random player is trying to make the ball hit the net. You have to be really quick and smart to succeed in this game. Practice makes perfect and with continuous gameplay and practice, you will be able to succeed in this game sooner than later. Hope you enjoy playing this fun and challenging Basket Ball.

In this thrilling sports game, you have to throw the ball into the basket as far as you can. Try to pull off amazing trick shots and earn as many points as you can. Don’t let the ball hit the floor or else you will lose. Have Fun!

Controls: Use arrow keys to move the player, press the space bar to throw the.

how to play

Player 1: "W"

Player 2: "UP ARROW KEY"

You can play the game by touch controls on mobile devices or tablets.