Smash Karts, welcome to the kingdom of dogs! In this kingdom, you can't believe that waiting for you is an arena that is not the cute dogs you think of. Do you think you can survive the attack of all these merciless dogs? This is a multiplayer action game based on the concept of weapon evolution, where you can unlock dozens of weapons, destroy opponents, collect food to gain scores and collect new weapons. chests will bring you money. Unlock more than 50 cosmetics, skins, hats and pets. Become the lord of the fangs in this massive Deathmatch arena.
The game is fast paced, very easy to play.
Addictive progression allows to customize characters and purchase unique items
A variety of adorable pets using terrifying tools of destruction
Sharp and colorful images optimized to run on any hardware without problems
How to play
To play all you need is the mouse. Now, arm yourself with a weapon and run through the field and aim for the other dogs. Move the mouse pointer to go where you want. Press LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to run faster and sneak attack your enemies. Doing so consumes stamina, so be careful not to run out. You can eat the food you see to fill up your speed bar. Be careful and don't touch other dogs' weapons unless you want to lose. Beat your own high score, kill other dogs and eat all the food to get coins and unlock new skins. Wish you happy gaming!

how to play

How To Play