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Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense
Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense is a new and exciting game with a simple and easy to understand premise: stop the waves of invading chickens and save the world by defending your homeland with your Merge Cannon. Where you use your smarts and your cannon to protect your livestock. Swap and merge blocks, collect coins, and build towers in this action-packed game. Free up space by clearing the board or buy more room with coins collected from clearing levels.

Don't let the invading chickens overtake your land! Merge Cannons, Towers, and Turrets to protect your territory. Quickly merge towers to take down the waves of baddies before they reach the barnyard. Build defenses and restore peace in this action game!

An innovative defense game with a twist, Merge Cannon features a cannon that never misses its mark. You have to defeat the chickens invading your territory by merging them into one super chicken. Blast away at waves of enemies to reach higher levels and unlock new features!

Take the challenge and put your skills to the test with Merge Cannon! Defend your farm from various enemies such as bears, spiders, and zombies. Use your cannons strategically to protect your chicken flock from invading hordes. Build up a powerful team of Merge troops by earning Merge points and certain rewards.

It's time to take up arms and defend your territory from invading armies now!

how to play

Use the mouse (in-game tutorial)